Valuing a Website

Many factors go into creating a valuation for a website. Websites are typically eBusinesses and they're not necessarily valued the same as a traditional business.


Properly Setting Value

Websites, eBusinesses, Crypto, Metaverse Real Estate, and yes, even certain publicly traded stocks, sometimes create their own equations for setting a value. Click the button below to read an excellent article on the latest methods for valuing a website/eBusiness.

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The longer a website sits on the web gaining new backlinks, new members and new ads, the more valuable it becomes.

Remember how FaceBook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, were worth billions in pre-revenue? This is still true. However, after the business has surpassed its startup phase and has begun bringing in revenues, its valuation method changes to a more traditional valuation model. Initially, however, eBusinesses have a lot of intrinsic value.

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